Unique Modular Compact Portable Process Chillers

Unique Modular Compact Portable Process Chillers
Process Chillers are designed to remove Heat Energy from any Fluid. The Fluid may be Water or any Antifreeze Mixture which is circulated through a Heat Exchanger Medium. Maxcool has specifically designed this Unique Modular Compact Portable Process Chiller In Air Cooled version in ranges from 2 Tons to 12 Tons.


  1. Printing Equipments.
  2. Laser Machineries.
  3. CNC Lathes.
  4. Die Casting Systems.
  5. Plastic Moulding.
  6. Pharmacy Equipments.
  7. Bio Diesel Plants.
  8. Process Chambers (like Temperature & Humidity Chambers).
  9. Petro Chemical Plants.
  10. Injection Moulding.


  1. Nominal Tonnage: 2 TR to 12 TR.


  1. Built in Tank and Pump.
  2. Microprocessor from ‘CAREL’ Italy.
  3. Plug-in Type.
  4. Energy Efficient.
  5. Portable.
  6. Eco-Friendly *
  7. Ready to Run.
  8. Sleek Design.
  9. Highly Energy Efficient.
  10. Rust Free Construction.

Click here to download Schematic Diagram (PDF)