About Us

About UsMaxcool was established in 2002 with its prime focus and emphasis on implementing innovative business techniques. We have been providing optimal and cost-effective solutions to air-conditioning problems, besides simultaneously maintaining a competitive edge over our peers by virtue of our strong product development skills and expertise.  To state modestly, in this short spell, the company has witnessed more than 125% growth, which has only been achievable by dint of hard work put in by our dedicated band of committed team. We can humbly state that it is our cherished goal is to achieve and cross all the expectations of stake holders by the year 2015.

We have a dream team of experts in the field, each one specialised in the different tenets of air-conditioning and this wide and varied expertise has made it possible for us to be associated with some most prestigious corporate and commercial installations / clients in the country.

Maxcool air conditioners have won wide acclaim from fellow traders and users from all over the country and abroad for their efficiency ratio, reliability and a focus on environmental responsibility. This aspect is considerably motivating us in our march towards our set goals.

Our Vision

  1. We understand your business needs
    1. Custom built design: Specialized and customized products can be made available to any discerning customer, even if he is an individual and has the most non- standard or challenging requirement. We have an edge over our other more established competitors, who are not geared to cater to such individual needs.
    2. Modular Design facilitates for increase in load and selection of capacity for varying business needs.
  2. Less operational cost and less maintenance overheads1. Low power bills: Maxcool Products have been built to achieve higher levels of energy efficiency. The systematized maintenance programs and periodic servicing of our products ensures optimal functioning and reduced power bills
    2. Extended Life: This achievement is again a direct result of our regular maintenance schedules and can be attributed to our sustained efforts in this direction
    3. In-built Stand by / Part load conditions: Our central air-conditioning units are designed to take care of diverse load conditions and individual requirements of a variety of customers
  3. Cost Vs Efficiency
    From the above parameters, you will observe that our products are more efficient with high EER and lower power consumptions for the same cost.
  4. Strong product development team
    The following innovative solutions indigenously developed by Maxcool.
    1. RSW - Indigenously made chillers: Refrigerated Sea Water system was made indigenously on par with international standards for the marine industry
    2. Chiller with De-super heater: Chiller with de-super heater arrangement was made to reduce the power consumption for heating for hotel industry
  5. Eco Friendly
    Maxcool has made significant progress towards minimizing and even eliminating the environmental hazards by introducing Non CFC refrigerants.
  6. Value proportions to guide long term relationships
    1. Preferential delivery
    2. Free technical consultancy and support for specific sites
    3. Will be invited to factory and installation sites to guide them for specific applications