Refrigerated Sea Water System

Refrigerated Sea Water System System Advantages
  1. Greater speed of cooling
  2. Reduced presssure on the fish
  3. Lower holding temperature pressure
  4. Quicker handling of large quanities of fish with little labour involvement
  5. By using maxccol RSW Chiller you can save on usage of Ice which would otherwise require 5 ton of every 1 tom of fish
  6. Maxcool RSW Chiller with modification can be modification can be used for marine air condition also
Reliable, Eco friendly , Energy effecient


Special Features

  1. More storage - greater profits
  2. Ideal for mid-sea trawling
  3. Dispense with conventional ice storage
  4. Rapid and uniform chilling of fish
No. Specifications 2T 10T 25T 40T
Compressor BOCK (Semi-her) *
HG - 12P
BOCK (Semi-her) *
HG - 34P

BOCK (Semi-her) *

F - 4

BOCK (Semi-her) *
F - 5
Heat Exchanger        

4" dia 3' long 6" dia 3' long 6" dia 6' long 8" dia 6' long
Chiller 4" dia 3' long 6" dia 3' long 6" dia 6' long 10" dia 6' long
Pumps (2) 1cu.m/hr/2cu.m/hr 4cu.m/hr/6cu.m/hr 11cu.m/hr/16cu.m/hr 17cu.m/hr/24cu.m/hr
Refrigration Control Danfoss/Sporlan or equivalent expansion valve, HP/LP/OP controls and gauges
vibration eliminators, electro mechanical control panel etc

*or equivalent

Refrigeration System

  1. The refrigeration machinery includes heavy duty compressor of reciprocating type
  2. The condenser is of shell & tube type
  3. The RSW-chiller is of shell & tube type made of stainless steel construction
  4. Both chiller & condenser have cupronickel tubes to prevent corrosion

The electric panel includes motor starters of various type according to customers request, and the controls will either be of the
traditional electro-mechanical type or the up to date PLC type with all vital parameters and functions shown on LCD display.

The water pumps for condenser cooling and RSW-circulation system are included as standard items, of end-suction design or
according to customers request for special design and materials.

All specifications and dimensions are approximate and are subject to change without prior notice due to continuous R&D programmes.